DT 4000

SKU 14527701 Hardware / Drum Thrones / 400/4000-Series

Drum Throne, Double Braced, Round Top, Cloth Seat, Spindle

400/4000-Series Hardware offers an outstanding value for money with lots of useful Features and rock solid performance. Gearless tilters with comfortable metal handles for snare and cymbal adjustment, quick-release cymbal clamps and numerous adjustments on the pedals guarantee great functionality. 2-Segment clamps on all pipe connection distribute clamping forces evenly to increase the lifespan and usability. Additionally, the newly designed rubber feet - of course in a mallet design - cover a larger surface area to enhance stability.

Technical specifications

Other Features
2-Segment Clamp, Drum Key Holder
Foam, Steel
Hight Adjustment using Spindle, Adjustable from 46 to 62 cm
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