HS LT 2000 S

SKU 14529401 Hardware / Hardware Sets / 200/2000-Series

SP 2000 S, HH LT 2000 S, SS LT 2000, 2x MBS LT 2000 V2, Single Braced

The 200/2000-Series proves that SONOR's requirements towards functionality, usability and manufacturing quality can be combined with a simple hardware-design. It is ideal for those looking for reliable stands that just work. Additionally, 2000 LT stands offer even less weight and the option of being setup as a Flat Base stand for a true "Vintage-Look".

Technical specifications

Other Features
Conventional Tri-Pod or Flat Base Setup on Boom Cymbal Stands and Snare Stand
Retractable Boom Arms, Fine Geared Tilter on Cymbal Stands, Gearless Snare Angle Adjustment, HiHat with rotateable legs, Spring Tension and Footboard Adjustment on the Pedal
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