SKU 14508401 Hardware / Single Pedals / Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer

Perfect Balance Signature Pedal, Designed by Jojo Mayer, Strap, Base Plate, Folding Mechanism, incl. Bag

The pedal that plays itself. Almost... - Jojo Mayer. The main philosophy behind this pedal is to achieve perfect harmony and interplay between the pedal’s moving parts and your foot. Due to careful design and perfectly balanced linear action any non-vital adjustments are obsolete and omitted on purpose.

Technical specifications

Brushed Aluminium
Other Features
Unique Folding Mechanism for easy transport and quick setup and tear down, Perfectly balanced completely round Cam, Base Plate, Strap, Heel Plate with Ball Bearings
Spring Tension, Footboard Hight, Beater Angle
Included Accessories
Pedal Bag
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