SQ1 320 Shell Set NM

SKU 16100034,16100035,16100336,16100337,16100040 Sets and Single Drums / Shell Sets / SQ1 Series

BD 20" x 16" (no Mount), TT 12" x 08", FT 14" x 13", Birch

Innovative, versatile and modern - That is our SQ1 Series. The European Birchwood shells and the exclusive shell layup, developed especially for this series, provide a versatile sound spectrum with balanced lows, mids and highs, that convinces both live and in the studio. The innovative Sound Sustainer enables complete isolation between the mount and the shell. The matte lacquer finishes combine both elegance and a modern appearence.

Technical specifications

Shell Sizes
BD 20" x 16" (no Mount), TT 12" x 08", FT 14" x 13"
Shell Material
Medium-Heavy Birch Wood Shells
Shell Layup
7 Plies for TT & FT (7mm) / 12 Plies for BD (10mm)
Bearing Edges
Tom Suspension System
Sound Sustainer Mounting System
2.3mm Power Hoops on TT & FT, Lacquered BD Wood Hoops
SONOR Single Lugs, Hole Spacing: 32mm
SQ1 Badge, 40x60mm
Shell Manufacturing
CLTF (Cross Laminated Tension Free)-Method, OSM (Optimum Shell Measurement)
Other Features
TuneSafe System
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