SSD 14x5.25 GH SE

SKU 11177101 Sets and Single Drums / Snare Drums / Signature Series

Signature Snare Drum 14" x 5.25", Gavin Harrison, Birch, Standard Edition with Tuning Keys, Dampening Rings, Matte Black Lacquer

The Signature Snare is handcrafted in Germany. It is made from 6-ply, premium hand-selected Birch wood to make a thin 6mm shell. The timeless Silky Black finish is offset by white underlays between the chrome fittings and the shell. The snares are available in a Standard and Premium Edition: The Standard Edition includes the snare, a set of 3 dampening rings and 2 Protean tuning keys. The Premium Edition additionally includes a unique Protean case, made by Hardcase UK. The case contains the “EQ” and “Spacer” snare wires, secured in a wooden box, separated from the drum itself.

Technical specifications

Shell Sizes
14" x 5.25"
Shell Material
Matte Black, Matte Lacquer
Medium Birch Wood Shell
Shell Layup
6 Plies, 6 mm Shell Thickness
Bearing Edges
Rounded Bearing Edge (Top) / 45° Bearing Edge (Bottom)
S-Hoop (Top) - 2.3mm Power Hoop (Bottom)
SONOR Phonic Double Lugs, Hole Spacing: 52mm
Protean Signature Badge
Shell Manufacturing
CLTF (Cross Laminated Tension Free)-Method, OSM (Optimum Shell Measurement)
Other Features
TuneSafe System
Snare Throw-Off
Dual Glide Snare Strainer
Included Accessories
2 x "Protean" tuning key, 3 different dampening rings
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