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Drums as unique as you are. That’s what we developed with the SQ2 Drum System. A masterwork in customized drums, defining an uncompromising dedication to quality, and the unique SONOR craftsmanship. With an almost unlimited variety of shell – size – finish-combinations, SQ2 is the most individualized series in the history of drum manufacturing. Speak with your personal musical voice and define your signature in sound.

Add your selection of exclusive natural wood or lacquer finish, then 24 carat gold, chrome or ruthenium for all metal finishing. Choose the type of fittings you want and decide upon many other options to customize.

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SQ2 Woods / Environment.

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The people at SONOR share a certain dedication to detail when making drums. It is a personal thing. Each instrument created means something. It’s the fact that those instruments will be played by drummers all over the world. It will be used in a wide variety of musical settings. Live or in a studio, in arenas in front of thousands of people or in the intimacy of a jazz club. It will always be there to express your musical voice. SONOR puts all of its expertise and love into making the best drums possible. SONOR selects only the finest wood from environmentally friendly sources. All SQ2 woods are handpicked from leading veneer suppliers worldwide.


Scandinavian Birch has an aggressive, distinctive tone with tremendous projection. Providing low and high frequency clarity with a smooth balanced mid range.


North American Maple offers a mellow, warm and very balanced full tone providing low frequency punch and a mixed balance of mids and highs.