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Teak Semi Gloss Veneer

The all-new Teak Semi Gloss is here!

We are excited to announe the addition of a second veneer option to our popular Vintage Series.

The new Teak Semi Gloss impresses with its simplicity and elegance. It looks as if it has always been there. In fact, this veneer is brand new and was carefully hand-selected for our Vintage Series.

Teak Semi Gloss is exclusively available in the Vintage Series.

Vintage Series

Living Legend

Vintage objects are legendary. They bring the good old days back to life. Listening to the unique character of tube amplifiers, enjoying the warm sound of vinyl albums or driving a classic car... you get the idea.

The Vintage Series is the ultimate transformation of the original SONOR sound, look & feel of the fabulous 50s, 60s and 70s drums, casted into a contemporary concept. It offers great acoustic versatility, live or in the studio. It allows everything from thick rockgrooves to delicate jazz rhythms. It comes in a variety of original wrap finishes, or classic rosewood semi gloss lacquer all with the authentic tear-drop style. Just get your hands on these drums and experience a timeless concept for yourself: the analog sound in a digital world.

Vintage Series shells are made with 9 plies of select German beech for a 6mm total thickness. They feature rounded bearing edges and deliver a warm tone with deep low end and great resonance.

They are beautiful to look at
- Steve Smith

"Playing Sonor Vintage Drums brings me back 40 years to the roots of what I first loved about the sound of Sonor drums."

If this is the only drum set that I have forever, I’m good to go.
- Nir Z

“I’ve been using those drums playing sessions, probably 80% of my sessions I’m playing Vintage Series. There is something about the Vintage, it doesn’t matter what kind of drumhead I’m using, I’m getting the sound I need for that particular project. That’s something that’s very unique... that’s a big achievement in my opinion.” 

Vintage Features

A timeless concept for timekeepers

When designing the Vintage Series, we wanted to combine the experience of an original SONOR Teardrop set with the usability of modern SONOR drums. Newly designed Teardrop Lugs, the modern iron shape bass drum bracket and the updated Super 50 strainer create a contemporary user experience. At the same time, the sound of beechwood shells with fully rounded edges and Superprofil hoops combined with the overall classic esthetics, capture the essence of what makes original Teardrops so desirable to so many players today.

Teardrop Lugs

We dedicated special attention to the re-design of the Vintage lug. Maintaining the original shape we integrated the TuneSafe system for maximum de-tuning prevention. (An update even the vintage purists will appreciate, we hope.) 

Cross Laminated Tension Free (C.L.T.F.)

Drum shells need to act as solid acoustic unities as the foundation for a great drum sound. We use cross-laminated plies of beech to form a perfectly round shell with great stability. Each ply is laminated at a 90° angle to allow for a shell that is tension-free. Sonor's tension-free shells would keep their round shape even if they were cut in half from the batter to resonant side.

Optimum Shell Measurement (O.S.M.)

Our OSM shell construction (Optimum Shell Measurement) utilizes slightly undersized shell diameters to give the drum head the space to float freely, allowing unrestricted contact between the bearing edge and the drum head.

Rounded bearing edges

The rounded bearing edges deliver a warm tone with deep low end and great resonance.

Bass Drum Bracket

Available with the re-issue of the classic “iron”-shape bracket, which fits all SONOR single- and double-tomholders.

Exciting finishes

Fans of the Vintage Series are spoilt for choice: they can choose either one of the new finishes Teak Semi Gloss, California Blue and Vintage Silver Glitter or one of the four classics Red Oyster, Vintage Pearl, Black Slate or Rosewood Semi Gloss.

SONOR Series

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