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Dual glide

Our innovative DGS (Dual Glide System) snare strainer offers a new standard of precise and smooth snare action combined with clever features in detail like the detachable snare wire attachment. This feature makes the change of snare wires as simple and fast as possible, but is also a huge help when changing the resonant drumhead. 

  • CLTF – Cross Laminated Tension Free Process
  • OSM – Optimum Shell Measurement
  • Power Hoops - Clean tuning and crisp attack
  • Redesigned (T.A.R.) Total Acoustic Resonance Mounting System
  • APS – Patented Advanced Projection System
  • Bass Drum Claws – Beautiful and Practical
  • Bass Drum Feet – On Solid Footing, Wherever You Go!
  • TuneSafe – Right in Tune, 100% of the Time!
  • Batter and Resonance Heads – Made by REMO USA 

Inspired by classics

From the classic racing tracks of Europe to the Malecón in Havana, our inspiration for the look and feel of our new SQ1 drum series came from many sources. Inspired by vintage car designs we put together a palette of four unique lacquer finishes. Each of these colors is precision hand lacquered at the ­Sonor factory and finished with a special matte coating that gives each drum its exclusive touch.

All SQ1 drums are hand lacquered and finished at the Sonor factory in Germany in an 8 step process.

1.  inside protective sealing

2.  applying the outside sealing

3.  inside smoothing and additional sealing

4.  outside smoothing

5.  2 day drying process

6.  additional smoothing

7.  color lacquering

8.  1-2 days drying process