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Ryan van Poederooyen

“A birch shell has this naturally equalized sound that covers all the frequencies required for many ­styles of music, in a live or studio scenario.”



Chris COleman

“The SQ1 birch shells have that really big sound, with great versatility and full tone – even at lower tension ... these drums roar!”


Nir Z

“With endless tuning ­options and such a warm and ­powerful tone, the Sonor SQ1 has become my first choice”



Joshua blackmore

“The new unique mounting system ­offers uninterrupted sustain that's controlled and full of that Sonor tone.”


Alexis Nuñez and Joshua Blackmore

The art of tuning

Drum tuning techniques can be as individual and unique as each artist. We have asked some of our artists to provide some insight into their approach to tuning and their individual sound preferences.

Alexis NuÑez

“I use Remo coated Emperors on my toms, CS dot on my snares, and PST4 coated on my bass drum. As birch kits are more focused with less sustain I like to tune with little, if any, dampening.
Making the overall sound of the drums ideal for studio work.”

Nir Z

“In general I tune the toms bottom heads slightly higher than the top, always make sure that when I tap the tom with my finger I can hear a clear consistent tone!
When I need the vintage warm sound, I use the Evans Calftone 56 on all drums... and tune them higher and even on top and bottom heads!”

Joshua Blackmore

“When playing birch drums I've ­always got on a set of Vintage ­Emperor double ply heads as I've ­already got enough attack from the shells. On floor toms I like to detune a lug for a bit more texture in the sound and on my bass drum I'll detune the two left side lugs. With resonate heads I'll tune a set of clear Ambassadors a tone higher.”

Chris Coleman

For SQ1 I choose EVANS EC2/top and G14/bottom (both clear). They give me all the fat tone and sing, the way I desire to hear them. This head/shell combo has become a go-to lately, studio & live.

Ryan van Poederhooyen

“With any recording I’ve done with birch drums, I've always used the combination of a single ply G1 Evans Batter Head and and an Evans resonant Bottom Head. From tuning the top and bottom head the same pitch, I always get a defined, well balanced tone with beautiful sustain from every birch drum used.”

Ryan van Poederooyen

“Birch drums have been my ‘go to’ choice when it comes to recording in the studio. I’ve recorded many Devin Townsend records and studio sessions with that rich birch sound. The boosted high frequencies, slightly reduced midrange and excellent low-end punch best describe what birch drums are all about.

In my opinion and experience, a birch shell has this naturally equalized sound that covers all the frequencies required for many styles of music, in a live or studio scenario. With the SQ1 series, you'll get everything I described about that birch sound along with expert craftsmanship, innovation and high standard German engineering, that Sonor has been known for, for over a century.

If you want a high quality, beautiful sounding and easy to tune drum kit for all scenarios and styles of music, look no further than the ­Sonor SQ1 drums. I highly recommend these drums, they live up to what you expect from a birch drum combined with that Sonor legacy ... That’s a combination that’s hard to beat!”


Nir Z is a well-established studio-session drummer known not only for his incredible studio chops and dynamic live ­presence, but also for the amazing energy he can bring to any musical situation.

His seventeen years in NYC and seven years in Nashville Tennessee led him to record and perform with major artists such as John Mayer, Genesis, Chris Cornell, Billy Squier, ­Alana Davis, Ray Wilson, Blake Shelton and many others.

Nir is also busy in his own personal recording studio using his vast experience to produce tracks and play drums and percussion for musicians all over the world.