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Benny Greb

“Wherever my ideas lead me to, Sonor drums bring them to life.”



Gavin Harrison

“I believe every drummer has an inner voice they‘re trying to convey. Sonor drums articulate that inner voice and help me express my true drum personality. 
Sonor drums speak my language.”


Jack DeJohnette

“I always think of the drum set as a piano. I have been playing Sonor drums for more than 40 years and have always appreciated the innovative and consistent high quality of their instruments. I know I can always count on Sonor drums to give me the kind of sound quality that helps inspire my creative ideas.”

– Jack DeJohnette

Jack DeJohnette is considered one of the most inspirational musicians today. Known for his innovative performances with Miles Davis he has a recorded legacy that is second to no other jazz drummer. He has performed with Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, 
Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock just to name a few.



Benny Greb

Benny can be found playing with a broad assortment of musicians, all demanding his tasteful and immaculate playing style. You can find him in rock settings with Stoppok and The Ron Spielman Trio, in jazz, with his own Benny Greb Brass Band. Pop and Funkmusic too receives Benny's tasteful approach, recording and touring with Jerobeam. 

Benny's pure love of the drums compels him to show other - particularly young players, his approach to the instrument and he regularly teaches at the Hamburg School of Music, the Popakademie in Mannheim, the Popkurs of the Hochschule fur Music and Theater in Hamburg and the Bandcamp of the Bayerische Musikacademie Hammelburg.

Benny tours globally, entertaining drummers worldwide at such high profile events such as the Montreal Drum Festival, Canada, Ultimate Drummers Weekend, Australia, the World Drum Festival, Germany, Drummer Live, UK, and at PASIC in the USA. 

Benny writes, records and releases his own solo records with Grebfruit being one such release. The Language of Drumming - A System For Musical Expression DVD was released in 2009 on the Hudson Music label, showing his unique approach to drumming.

The art and science of groove - with SQ2

In “The Art and Science of Groove” Benny Greb presents his collection of vital tools and exercises designed specifically to enhance playing with a positive groove, time after time. He introduces the five core elements of time, feel, sound, body and mind, offering straightforward solutions that can be applied to any musical style in order to generate a solid and consistent groove. We at Sonor applied our core elements of quality, craftsmanship, experience, innovation and commitment to the development of the SQ2 drum system. Bring them to life with your own SQ2 set!

Benny's Online-Shop

Nicko McBrain

Nicko McBrain joined Iron Maiden in 1982. Since then he has recorded 13 studio albums with what many people consider to be one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time. His energetic and unique style have established himself as one of the main driving forces and inspirations behind heavy metal drumming.

Check out Nicko's new video featuring his very unique SQ2-Drum System:

Nicko's 2018 Drum Kit