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Handmade in Germany

We know our drums will be played by drummers all over the world in a wide variety of musical settings. So we put all our expertise into making the best drums we can. It's just a personal thing.


Drum shells need to act as solid acoustic unities as the foundation for a great drum sound. We use cross-laminated plies to form a perfectly round shell with great stability. Each ply is laminated at a 90° angle to allow for a shell that is tension-free. Sonor's tension-free shells would keep their round shape even if they were cut in half from the batter to resonant side.


Our OSM shell construction (Optimum Shell Measurement) utilizes slightly undersized shell diameters to give the drum head the space to float freely, allowing unrestricted contact between the bearing edge and the drum head.

45° bearing edge

Sonor SQ2 drum shells feature a 45° bearing edge, designed and introduced by us already in 1975, for maximum resonance and sustain.

Total Acoustic Resonance + AcoustiGate (TAR)

Enables vibration free mounting for a pure tone and maximum sustain with unmatched projection; AcoustiGate allows to fine-tune your sonic fingerprint by turning a dial.


Right in tune, 100% of the time with a patented system that prevents tension rods from loosening, giving maximum tuning stability, even under extreme environments.


Add your selection of exclusive natural wood or lacquer finish, then 24 carat gold, chrome or ruthenium (black plated) for all metal finishing. Choose the type of fittings you want and decide upon many other options to customize.

Shell dimensions

The SQ2 Drum System offers you an almost unlimited number of setup variations to choose from. Just check which is the best diameter/depth combination for you. Go to the configurator and start building your individual SQ2 configuration.