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Teardrop Lugs

Updated teardrop lug featuring the authentic look of the 50s with Tunesafe-System.

Rounded bearing edges

The rounded bearing edges deliver a warm tone with deep low end and great resonance. Made of 100% beechwood.


Bass drum bracket

Available with the re-issue of the classic “iron”-shape bracket, which fits all Sonor single- and double-tomholder.

Exciting finishes

Fans of the Vintage Series are spoilt for choice: they can choose either the new finish California Blue or one of the three classics Red Oyster, Vintage Pearl or Black Slate.

Spare parts

Rounded bearing edges – est. 1975.

Like in the original Teardrop drums, the VINTAGE drum series feature hand‐selected premium German Beech shells with rounded bearing edges.

Vintage Series shells are made with 9 plies of select German beech for a 6mm total thickness. The rounded bearing edges deliver a warm tone with deep low end and great resonance.

Utilizing rounded bearing edges, the new VINTAGE series drums represent the return of the 'old SONOR sound' into its product line. SONOR introduced the 45 degree bearing edge in 1975, which we still use today on all SQ2, Prolite, and AQ series drums. With the addition of the Vintage Series, drummers will have access to a complete palette of sounds that is uniquely SONOR. 

Nir Z Video

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Classic teardrop lugs with tunesafe-system

We dedicated special attention to the re-design of the Vintage lug. Maintaining the original shape we integrated the TuneSafe system for maximum de-tuning prevention. (An update even the vintage purists will appreciate, we hope.)

Sonor's unique CLTF "Cross Lamination Tension Free" and OSM "Optimum Shell Measurement" process (slightly narrowed outside shell measurement) provide excellent sustain and easy tuning.


Drum shells need to act as solid acoustic unities as the foundation for a great drum sound. We use cross-laminated plies of birch to form a perfectly round shell with great stability. Each ply is laminated at a 90° angle to allow for a shell that is tension-free. Sonor's tension-free shells would keep their round shape even if they were cut in half from the batter to resonant side.


Our OSM shell construction (Optimum Shell Measurement) utilizes slightly undersized shell diameters to give the drum head the space to float freely, allowing unrestricted contact between the bearing edge and the drum head.