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Rhythm in motion

Movement usually follows certain patterns. Repetitive sequences that normally produce sounds and thus provide a rhythm. No wonder that marching music is primarily characterized by percussion instruments. No wonder that SONOR, with decades of experience, high-quality materials, and careful workmanship, build instruments with excellent sound and practice-oriented innovations. Instruments that give you rhythm, movement and yes - also direction.

Professional Line

Finest drums – highest quality

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Product Overview

The beat that drives us all

Professional Line

For over three decades, the latest technical developments as well as the high quality demands of ambitious musicians have been consistently taken into account in this model series.


The modern design, the low weight as well as the price-performance ratio distinguish the instruments of the B-Line.

Comfort Line Bass Drums

Due to its minimized weight, the Comfort-Line ensures maximum comfort with a "rich" and "full" sound at the same time.

Concert Line

The Concert Line glockenspiels and bass drums were developed specifically for the needs of orchestra musicians. Sound optimization was a top priority.

SONOR Personality

Tradition, Innovation & Modernity

In 1875, SONOR founder Johannes Link built the first snare drums in Weißenfels/Saale. So, the basic appearance and sound of our marching drums was already shaped around 150 years ago. This means that we are just as committed to tradition as we are to innovation. For you this means: At SONOR you get the best instruments, carefully crafted from high-quality materials to ensure an excellent sound and practical usability.

The Secret behind the SONOR sound


Shell Size

Shell Construction

T.A.R.-mounting system

The Dual Glide System


The Beat
of Life

Drum on me

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