Concert Line

Concert Line


The shells of the walnut-colored Concert Bass drums are made of Finnish birch. A special polyester lacquer protects the drum shell from the elements. Only after this lacquer has dried is a clear lacquer applied over it, giving the instrument its unique, brilliant appearance. Due to this surface sealing, both instruments can also be used outdoors. The original REMO® heads -Made in USA - give the Concert Bass drums the required "fat" sound.

Concert Line


The orchestra glockenspiels are equipped with special alloy sound plates. Each sound plate is tuned by hand. The exact overtone tuning produces an extremely pure sound. The KGL 30 case glockenspiel can be upgraded with stand legs (not included). The legs can be safely transported inside the case with the help of two loops made of Velcro. Additionally, the mallets can be stowed behind a separate loop. The KGL 100 is equipped with a damper pedal. The adjustable spring tension allows each player to determine his, for him, optimal damping. A marking on the stand allows a quick setup of the instrument.

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