KGL 30

SKU 21100901 Concert Instruments / Concert Mallet Instruments / Concert Line

Concert Glockenspiel, g2-c5, mounted inside transport case, incl. SCH 109

The concert glockenspiels use specially alloyed sound bars made from aluminum. Each sound bar is tuned by hand and the exact overtone tuning creates an exceptionally pure sound. The KGL 30 can be upgraded with legs (sold seperately) which can be secured and transported within the case. Moreover, the case has additional space for mallets. The KGL 100 is equiped with a dampening pedal with adjustable spring tension for the choice of an individual playing feel. Markings on the instrument aid in a quick setup and tear down.

Technical specifications

Other Features
Mounted in Tranport Case, can be retrofitted with legs
a1 = 442 HZ
Sound Bar Material
specially alloyed aluminum
Included Accessories
SCH 109 Mallets
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