MP 456

SKU 52115101 Marching Drums / Parade Snare Drums / Professional Line

Snare Drum, 14"x6.5", Steel, Chrome Finish, 4.6 kg, incl. Leg Rest

The Professional Line has been incorporating new technological developments to meet the high demands of ambitious musicians for over three decades. Articulate snare response across the entire dynamic range, even on deep shell drums, high-quality chrome plating, durable finishes and superior features have granted this series its bestselling position on the market. From the Factory, Professional Line Snare Drums are equiped with the REMO® Muff‘l dampener for a short and full tone. The heads are made by REMO® USA as well and add to to the drum's balanced sound. Parade drums with 12" and 14" depths unse lugs with four mounting screws to distribute tension evenly across the shell. This improves the sound considerably. Snare wires that are made in-house at SONOR add to the articulation and brilliance of the snare sound.

Technical specifications

Shell Sizes
Shell Material
Chrome Finish
Bearing Edges
Rounded Bearing Edge
2.3mm Power Hoops
SONOR Phonic Double Lugs, Hole Spacing: 52mm
SONOR Professional Badge
Snare Throw-Off
Made in Germany Standard Throw-Off
4.6 kg
Included Accessories
Leg Rest
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