Professional Line

Professional Line


For over three decades, the latest technical developments as well as the high quality demands of ambitious musicians have been consistently taken into account in this model series. A clean carpet response in all dynamic ranges, even with deeper shells, high-quality chrome plating, hard-wearing surfaces as well as sensible equipment details have made the instruments a bestseller on the market. All Professional snare drums are equipped with a REMO® Muff'l mute as standard to support the short but full tone. The original Remo heads - Made in USA - are another criterion for a balanced sound.

The Parade snare drums and bass drums with 12" and 14" shell depth are equipped with quadruple bolted heads. This distributes the head tension evenly over the shell, which has a positive effect on the sound. Higher head tensions on the bass drums, e.g. for marching bands, are also supported in this way. The handmade SONOR spiral carpets give these instruments the desired brilliance.

MP 454

The MP 454 is at home both in marching music and on stage. The plastic-coated stainless steel knee braces on the Professional-Line snare drums adapt to every movement of the thigh while marching.

M 456

The outstanding features of the MP 456 are the rich sound and the sensitive carpet response. The beading incorporated in the steel shells gives these drums maximum stability.

MP 1412 XM

This drum was specially developed for the high demands of the music corps. The music corps of the German Federal Army as well as the Swiss Army drum on the MP 1412 XM. It is used in all areas of marching music because of its short, dry tone, favored by the built-in original Remo® Muff'l muffler. The practical "Snap-Lock" thread locks prevent unintentional loosening of the 20 tuning screws.

MP 1410

The classic from the Professional Line. After more than three decades, the MP 1410 is indispensable. Then as now, many musicians rely on its full sound, which has made this drum so unique.

MP 1412 X

The MP 1412 X is characterized by a warm, voluminous sound. Fine adjustment is possible on both sides of the carpet on all "X models". The hand-picked spirals protrude beyond the edge of the head on the X pickup. This results in a more sensitive response. These drums are also very popular in the concert field.

Bass drums

Professionalism was the basis here to the last detail. 20 tensioning screws allow absolute tuning accuracy. The completely recessed tuning screws in the tensioning brackets guarantee that injuries to the drummer or damage to clothing are virtually impossible. All tension brackets have a rubber insert to protect the tension hoops from pressure points. The cross-glued beech shells give these instruments the fat and penetrating sound.

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