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Big updates on our Vintage Series for 2021

Exciting additions for the successful Vintage Series, originally introduced for the company’s 140th anniversary in 2015! 

A new DELMAR „Vintage Silver Glitter“ (VSG) wrap will be added, but also the company’s legendary „Rosewood Semi Gloss“ (RSG) wood veneer finish is added to the family of finishes for the Series.

In addition, the line of individual drums will see a few new faces. Two snare drum sizes (14“ x 5“ and 13“ x 6“) are added, as well as two tom sizes (8“ x 8“ and 14“ x 9“). These new sizes will be available in all Vintage Series finishes.

On the accessory side the company is thrilled to announce a classy bass drum mounted cymbal holder. This straight, retractable cymbal holder features an infinite cymbal tilter adjustment and adds that Vintage look. The cymbal holder includes our Vintage Series prism mount and Memory Lock for a tight and secure grip. The VCH can be retrofitted on every bass drum.

Find out more about the Vintage Series here