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HOHNER and SONOR join forces in Sales & Marketing

The realignment will strengthen and enhance both brands in Germany and worldwide. The marketing and sales departments of HOHNER, and SONOR, belonging to Matth. Hohner GmbH, will be located at the Trossingen site. SONOR manufacturing will remain in Bad Berleburg-Aue, continuing to build upon its reputation of quality and innovation. Both brands will continue to provide exceptional service and innovation while maintaining separate brand identities. The new team will be responsible for the global support of distribution partners, product development and marketing activities of the Hohner Group. 

By maximizing the competencies between these two leading musical instrument manufacturers and well-respected brands, the Hohner Group will consolidate activities and make better use of the synergies between the German manufacturing locations in Bad Berleburg-Aue and Trossingen. Due to the already existing large overlaps in the sales structure combined with better use of the available resources, both brands will emerge strengthened from the new arrangement. The resulting planned sales growth will also contribute to improved efficiencies at manufacturing facilities in both cities.

SONOR is one of the world’s leading drum and percussion manufacturers. For over 140 years SONOR supported the constant improvement of percussion instruments on a scientific level. SONOR combines innovation, passion and precision craftsmanship from which musical expression is shaped. Only when sound is becoming a real experience, the SONOR quality standard is met. 

HOHNER has been the global market leader for harmonicas for more than a century. The product range comprises of harmonicas, accordions, melodicas and recorders. HOHNER sells products in almost a hundred countries through independent distribution partners and its own subsidiaries. HOHNER’s long tradition in producing top-grade musical instruments started as early as the 19th century. All of HOHNER’s employees are united by one philosophy: Only with high-quality craftsmanship, a meticulous focus on details and state-of-the-art technology is it possible to create musical instruments with a global reputation.