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To mark the lift of London-lockdown and the return to the pulse of city life, German luxury fashion house MCM has joined forces with the talented, multi-faceted musician and award-winning drummer, Pauli The PSM to celebrate and reflect the rhythm of London in an exclusive and dynamic live performance at the MCM flagship store on April 24th 12 noon.

Pauli The PSM and MCM have collaborated to create the first ever UK MCM specialty drum-kit, which will be unveiled and showcased in the performance. This unique project also highlights Pauli’s newly released explosive track ‘I GOT THE BEAT’, an unapologetic statement of who Pauli The PSM is as well as a love letter to London and drumming. The single is a pulsating cut underpinned by their mastery of percussion, erupting into a bassline built to fill the dancefloor or the street.

“I Got The Beat is essentially a mission statement. This started off as a one-take freestyle in my voice memos, In the first verse, I’m spitting knowledge and empowerment and it ends off with me just catching a vibe. But essentially, I just wanted to remind people that I’m still a badman on drums.” Pauli The PSM

This union between MCM and Pauli The PSM is a symbol of the creativity and heartbeat of cultural-creators that London inspires and generates as well as the city’s unparalleled energy and spirit. This performance invites us all to share a moment of self-expression and a return to in-person experiences, which now feels more relevant and liberating than ever.

The bespoke MCM drum-kit has been crafted by Sonor, the famous German musical instrument manufacturer, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious percussion companies in the world, with stand-out custom wrap created by Drum Tech Support in the distinctively iconic, monochromatic MCM Visetos motif, drawing on the famous 45-year strong, design-codes of the MCM fashion house.

Inspired by MCM’s wide reaching prevalence within the recording studio, across all corners and genres of music, from Disco, Berlin techno, hip-hop and k-pop, the drum is a universally embraced instrument which continues to have eternal relevance and unifying connectivity.

“London has a distinct rhythm that sets it apart from any other cosmopolitan city in the world. Its the one place in that you can hear grime, classical, rock, pop and some fly avant-garde Turkish psychedelic jazz coming from the open windows of cars as they blitz down the same streets on a hot summers day. I always aim to capture that energy and that story of the melting pot in my music” Pauli The PSM

Progressive youth-culture and the music scene is embedded in the DNA of MCM, continuing to drive MCM as a cult-favorite across the decades, championed by some of the worlds most celebrated artists and icons since the birth of the brand in 1976.

This exciting live performance sees Pauli The PSM join the immense and prestigious music, artist and performance heritage, intrinsic to MCM’s progressive legacy, which includes iconic alliances with the likes of Dianna Ross, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, Big Daddy Kane, Beyoncé, Diplo, P.Diddy, Billie Eilish and LL cool J, to name a few.

MCM looks forward to welcoming London to join and create a new and exciting rhythm to Conduit Street.