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SONOR partners with Sounds of the Underground Season 3

The Underground is where it all starts… can be yourself here and you can sound like anything you want. This is the way that Sounds of the Underground seems to operate with a passion for the players and bands that make the underground what it really is, giving chances to dreamers who started from nothing but three chords and an attitude in a garage. “Sonor is proud to support Sounds of the Underground” states US Brand Manager Jeff Mulvihill, “all of the music and passion you’ll see and hear will be powered by a Sonor SQ1 drumkit. “On a mission to share these undiscoverables with as many eyes and ears of a content-hungry generation through both YouTube and network television exposure stands the show’s creator “I receive no corporate funding, no investor funding, or payment from any network for SOTU” states show creator Johnny Zirkel “I am really excited for this season”

Season 3 episodes will air on Oct 21, 28, Nov 4, 11, 18 on CBS in Boston, Denver, Dallas, Sacramento, and Miami. Times vary per location but follow each city's "Late Show" programming. Episodes will also be on YouTube the same day. The channel where the episodes are hosted is Penny and Dime Entertainment - YouTube