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SQ1 Series awarded "Best New Drum Kit In The World"

Music Radar, home to UK Drum Magazine "Rhythm" just announced this year's Drum Poll results. Our new SQ1 Series has won the category "Best New Drum Kit In The World"! Rhythm Magazine: "We say: "Fastidiously designed and built, with the new Sound Sustainer concept Sonor's SQ1 points the way to a new era of more practical and unobtrusive tom mounting solutions." Furthermore, Steve Smith's 40th Anniversary Snare Drum was nominated in the category "Best Snare Drums", as well as SONOR artists Jeff "Tain" Watts, Benny Greb, Jost Nickel and Tomas Haake were nominated in various categories. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Drum Poll!

Read the full review by Rhythm Magazine here: