FSC® Certification

For us, sustainability means thinking today about the future and the music of tomorrow

As a company with its headquarters in Bad Berleburg-Aue, Germany, we take our responsibility to our children and the upcoming generations very seriously. For this reason, it is important to us not only to produce instruments with excellent sound, but also to work according to our ecological and social responsibilities.

We continually seek to optimize our operational processes, taking a variety of measures, in order to steadily reduce our demand for raw materials, our emissions and the volume of waste we produce, as well as selecting the range of raw materials we use as responsibly as possible. We also follow these principles in the new development and production of our products.

Placing social responsibility at the core of our business philosophy means for us making a contribution to society, caring for our employees and the German Siegen-Wittgenstein region. It also means supporting and securing the future of our site at Bad Berleburg-Aue.

Energy and recycling

Green energy generation

Our heating is fueled by wood residue and pellets, probably the simplest and most effective form of green energy generation. Our plant is subject to the most up-to-date standards, and exhaust gas pollution is filtered in an environmentally friendly manner.

The energy generated at our incineration plant heats our headquarters and other buildings. Starting in 2016, our entire electricity requirement will be met by green electricity, a trend-setting decision made for the good of the future. Climate protection and saving energy are not just issues facing the production side of our business. We insist on printing our marketing catalogs and flyers in a climate-neutral manner using certified printers.

It goes without saying that waste separation and recycling are key issues for us. As a matter of course, we reuse packaging several times in our dispatch department, in order to avoid waste and to save on raw materials. Central to recycling are the packaging regulations, according to which we, as manufacturers, are required to collect, sort and process sales packaging, sent to private end consumers, in a dual system. This serves to avoid packaging waste and to ensure we reuse or reprocess these materials. Our business environment was deliberately designed to be environmentally friendly. Have you ever heard of eco-plaster? This ecological, water-permeable surface material is used almost everywhere throughout our site. This permeable ground-covering material ensures the run-off of precipitation, so that the natural water cycle is not interrupted.


Responsible use of materials

Wood is a natural raw material, which we use in almost all of our instruments. Trees are a vital component of our ecological balance. For this reason, we take the greatest interest in ensuring that our wood comes from responsibly managed sources.

We have been demonstrating this aim since 2010 via our FSC® certification, and we are the first manufacturer worldwide to produce Orff instruments from certified woods. You can recognize these products from the FSC® tree logo. The Forest Stewardship Council™ (its German branch - www.fsc-deutschland.de), FSC® for short, is a non-profit, independent organization with its headquarters in Bonn and has national working groups in 43 countries. The objective of the FSC® is to foster the responsible management of forests worldwide. It is supported by environmental organizations (WWF, Greenpeace, NABU, Robin Wood, and others), social associations (IG BAU, IG Metall, and others), as well as numerous companies.

A key focus of its work is to give equal consideration to the social, ecological and economic aspects of the use of natural products. For us, the FSC® is a certification standard with the highest credibility in terms of legal and exemplary forest management. We purchase other imported wood exclusively from suppliers who adhere to worldwide norms relating to species protection.

This ensures that imports of this kind conform to ‘CITES’ and ‘EUTR’. CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) is a treaty that aims to regulate the international trade in wild animals and plants to the extent that the survival of animal and plant species living in the wild are not endangered. The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) seeks to prevent the sale of illegally sourced wood within the European Union. It prohibits the import of wood and wood products from illegal logging into the EU domestic market .

We use reconstructed veneers alongside natural ones. These veneers are produced by the company Alpi in Italy. Alpi's ecologic strategy: to use wood from plantations and controlled forestry to achieve a sparing use of natural resources – completely in harmony with our environment. Since 2004, we have employed an ecological finish for the surfaces of our wood products. Known as Proterra, it is produced from shellac, oil and carnauba wax. Instead of a lacquer-based wood stain, we insist on using a water-soluble, environmentally friendly stain. We do this not just for environmental reasons, but also to protect the health of our staff and customers around the world.


Responsibility to society, our employees and the region

As manufacturers of musical instruments, we see it as our task to foster active music-making within society. For this reason, SONOR supports projects, initiatives and associations working in tandem with this aim. For instance, we sponsor up to 50 seminars offering music education training aimed at teachers, preschool teachers and other staff in schools, preschools and social facilities.

The future of our company is ensured by means of targeted training and further education in various fields. Fair working conditions, occupational safety, human resources policies based on differing phases of life, and remunerating our staff in line with negotiated contracts, all of this is a matter of course for our business.

Integral to our business philosophy is the strengthening and safe-guarding of our company’s site at Bad Berleburg-Aue., Germany. Securing the future of the site of our headquarters is also part of supporting the region in which it is based. Whenever possible, we involve regional suppliers and service companies, we support cultural events and work together with social facilities.

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