Global Beat

Global Beat

The Global Beat series represents the entry into the world of SONOR and covers the basic equipment of box baton instruments with its two glockenspiels, six xylophones and three metallophones. Even for our entry level series we at SONOR do not compromise sound and quality, so that these instruments offer unmatched value for the money.

The special characteristics are:

  • Approx. 4 octaves diatonic range: c to a4
  • Metal, Succupira wood and fiberglass bars available
  • Sound bars with overtone-, fundamental- and standard-tuning
  • Each xylophone and metallophone has a bag to store the three notes: low f-sharp, b-flat and high f-sharp.
  • Resonator boxes with brackets for stand legs or for the basic trolley stand system
  • Surface protection of the woods with environmentally friendly Proterra lacquer
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