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In the Primary series, we take great care in the selection of materials. As a result, we can offer the first demonstrably sustainable Orff instruments. As with all Orff woods, we use the ecological Proterra lacquer system and only woods from exemplary managed forests, which is confirmed by the FSC® certification.

The special characteristics of the Primary series are:

  • Approx. 6 octaves range: C to a4, 4 octaves are chromatic: c to b-flat3.
  • The sound material for xylophones is the African Pao Rosa wood.
  • Sound bars with overtone-, fundamental- and standard-tuning
  • All sound bars have a note imprint of the corresponding tone
  • Stepped resonance boxes
  • Resonator boxes with brackets for stand legs or for the basic trolley stand system
  • Surface protection of the woods with environmentally friendly Proterra lacquer
  • FSC®-certification of all soundboxes and wooden soundboards
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