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SKU 22724201 Accessories Orff & Percussion / Basis Trolley System

Adaptor for Basis Trolley (BT), For chromatic and diatonic Sporano, Tenor-Alto & Bass Mallet Instruments with 3 Mounting Plates each

The Basis Trolley System is a popular choice for the comfortable setup and safe transport of SONOR's mallet instruments. The Basis Trolley is equiped with four wheels and adjustable both in hight and length to accomodate different instruments and playing positions. Combined with the different adaptors, all SONOR Xylophones and Metallophones, excluding those from the Global Beat Series, can be mounted to the Basis Trolley.

Technical specifications

Used to mount diatonic Soprano, Tenor-Alto & Bass Mallet Instruments and their Chromatic Extensions to the Basis Trolley (BT)
300mm and 572mm Mounting Rail
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