SKU 20800101 Percussion / Cajons

Cajon, MDF Body, Birch Face-Plate, 2 Playing Surfaces, Snare Wires, for children

SONOR's extensive Percussion assortment includes numerous instruments, sound colours and effects for various contexts. The range includes timpani, drums, cowbells, cajons, congas, bongos and other effects that can be used individually, in combination with melodic mallet instruments or as an additional sound colour on the drum set. In the end, it is your choice which instrument is right for you and your application.

Technical specifications

Other Features
2 Playing Surfaces, Ideal for children
Material Body
Material Face-Plate
Birch Plywood
Snare Sound
12 Wires
Cajon Size (HxWxD)
40.5cm x 29.5cm x 29.5cm
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