KS 40 L BW f#2

SKU 22000735 Chime Bars / Singles / Boomwhackers

Chime Bars, Singles, Metallophone, Tenor-Alto, Specially alloyed aluminum Sound Bar in Boomwhackers® colour system, Note: f#2

Chime Bars in Boomwhackers®-colours are an uncomplicated entry into playing music without a deep theoretical knowledge. By using the Boomwhackers®-colour scheme, these chime bars can be combined with Boomwhackers®-literature, be it for education and just for playing at home. The sound bars made from aluminum and the resonator boxes made from resophen are the same as on the Meisterklasse-Series and offer the same manufacturing and sound quality.

Technical specifications

Other Features
Especially suited for educational use, Resonator Box with printed notes, Sound Bar in Boomwhackers® colours, Works with Boomwhackers® Literature
Number of Notes
Fundamental Tuning
Sound Bar Material
Specially alloyed aluminum
Sound Bar Size
40mm x 6mm
Resonator Box Material
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