KS 40 L15

SKU 22000501,22000601 Chime Bars / Sets / Meisterklasse

Chime Bars, Set, Metallophone, Tenor-Alto, C-Major scale, c1-c3, 15 grey lacquered specially alloyed aluminum Sound Bars with colored chords, incl. 8 x SCH 5 & Instructions

Meisterklasse represents SONOR's uncompromising standards towards sound quality and craftsmanship made in Germany. It is the top line within the SONOR Orff-assortment and includes the largest variety of instruments all made from the highest quality materials. Staggered resonator boxes made from pine and perfectly tuned sound bars made from high-quality aluminum, steel or precious genuine rosewood guarantee the perfect SONOR sound and unparalled quality that can be enjoyed for decades.


KS 40 L15
KS 40 L15
KS 40 L15
KS 40 L15

Technical specifications

Other Features
Color Coded chords (F-Major, C-Major, G-Major)
F-Major, C-Major, G-Major
Number of Notes
Fundamental Tuning
Sound Bar Material
Grey lacquered specially alloyed aluminum
Sound Bar Size
40mm x 6mm
Resonator Box Material
Included Accessories
8 x SCH 5 and Instruction Book
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