One of a Kind
Black Limba

One of a kind snare

Strictly limited - absolutely unique

One of a Kind… …that's what you get with one of these hand-built masterpieces. The stunning naturally grown veneers make each snare drum as unique as your fingerprint.

We select a specific tree for each edition, then our master builders apply the veneers to the outside AND the inside of the shell. Our extensive high-gloss lacquering method brings depth to the precious wooden surface - a SONOR hallmark. 

The instruments laser cut badges highlight the iconic mallet logo, made out of the same veneers used on the snares. SONOR is environmentally conscience and only uses veneers sourced from certified and resource-saving trade partners.

Each One-of-a-Kind production run is strictly limited to the number of drums we can get out of the selected tree. Regarding the One of a Kind Black Limba, we are limited to a total of only 80 snare drums worldwide. Therefore, each and every single drum remains something very special. Forever.

One of a kind 2023

Black Limba

Black Limba Features

Simply the best

Black Limba Veneer

The most inner and outer ply are finished in precious Black Limba veneer. Only 80 snare drums can be made as it is so strictly limited. The outer veneer’s high gloss finish is applied in numerous lacquering-steps to accentuate the naturally grown beauty and depth of the wood.

Teardrop Lugs in Ruthenium

We dedicated special attention to the re-design of the Vintage lug to maintain the original shape from the 50s, while also integrating the TuneSafe system for maximum tuning stability. The Ruthenium finish on these lugs is a premiere on this drum and in combination with the veneer of unparalleled elegance.

Superprofil Hoops in Ruthenium

The 2.3mm Superprofil Hoops were also modelled after the original from the 50s/60s and feature a unique profile that bends inwards. Sonically, this focusses the sound. They are finished in precious Ruthenium for the first time as well.

Dual Glide System

The Dual-Glide System represents SONOR’s most advanced snare throw-off mechanism. The strainer mechanism features a technically perfected snare wire engage-and-release system, along with great adjustability and a solid look and feel.

Case and Certificate

Each of the 80 One of a Kind Black Limba snare drums comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity in an exclusive One-of-a-Kind-branded case made by Hardcase UK.

9-ply Maple Shell

 A 9-ply maple shell in the dimensions of 13”x6.5” is the core of the One of a Kind Black Limba snare drum.

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