Russia Drums Progressive Metal Pop Jazz Rock

Alexey Baev

Alexey Baev was born in 1984. His first gig was at the age of 9 with a rock band, and soon after he started taking lessons in a drum school.

Between 2004 and 2010 he worked at the Irkutsk Musical Theatre with Juno and Avos, Bonnie and Clyde, Jesus Christ Superstar, to name a few. He also played with popular russian artists like Valeria, Anita Tsoy, Three plus Zero (3+0).

Alexey participated the SONOR Drum Festival 2013 in Russia with fellow SONOR artists Florian Alexandru-Zorn, Gabor Dornyei and Chris Coleman.

His drumming includes many styles such as jazz, pop, rock, metal, fusion and progressive rock. He is well known and renowned as a clinician drummer, composer, educator, session drummer and singer.