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Bram Raeymaekers

Bram Raeymaekers (1984) is a Belgian drummer. He is best known as a pop/
rock/funk drummer and prefers to describe himself as a freelance/session
drummer. Bram graduated from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels in 2007. He
then took private lessons with Dom Famularo in New York.

He started his career with the house band of the TV channel Ketnet and with
Hadise (Turkey). He was also the Muscial Director and Ableton tech with her for
12 years.

Bram is currently the drummer for The Voice and The Voice Kids (Van
Vlaanderen) in Belgium. He is also the drummer with Belgian artists: Stan Van
Samang, Olivia and Leez.

As a freelance drummer he plays and performed with numerous artists in
Belgium and abroad:
Clouseau, Otomachine, Will Tura, Zap Mama, Alain Clark, Niels Destadsbader,
Belle Perez, Mo&Grazz and many more.

He can also regularly be seen on TV as a drummer on various programs:
Rode Neuzen Concert (Qmusic), 24 Uur Live Sportpaleis, Zomerhit (Vrt),
Vlaanderen Feest (Vrt), Even tot Hier (Npo).

His versatility as a drummer allows him to adapt to different musical styles and
allows him to collaborate with a wide range of artists. He is always looking for
the right sound and feel.

He has a recording studio at home where he records drums on demand for TV
productions and artists.

Bram is grateful to be able to work with Sonor!

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