“I used to play the drums I had won at various contests, but they didn’t sound quite good to me, cause I’m playing in all genres from energetic jazz to extremely loud rock. So, after having watched Steve Smith's show I decided to get me a Sonor drum set, which changed my whole approach to the drums. I’m 100% confident these are the world's best drums!”

Russia Funk Pop Jazz Rock

David Sagamonyants

David Sagamonyants was born in a musicians family in a small town of the North Caucaus region of Russia. At the age of 5 he became a student of the music school with major in violin and at 6, he was already playing the orchestra shows. Ever since he was little, David was passionate about rhythm and making beats with anything he got his hand on. That’s why when he was 14, he devoted his life to drums and jazz. He enrolled to Rostov State Conservatory Academy named after S.V. Rahmaninov at the age of 17 and kept studying music and drums. 

David is one of Russia's top drummers and performs with some of the country's best pop, jazz, rock, hip hop, fusion and ethnic artists. He is also a devoted educator and a founder of his own SD DRUMS SHOW project. David performed with SONOR artists Federico Paulovich (Italy) and Joe Styppa (Germany) at the SONOR Drum Festival 2017 in Moscow.


www.redsinkopa.ru (in Russian language)