China Blues Pop Jazz Rock

Guan Fei

Mr. Guan Fei is an important figure in Chinese modern music scene. He is honored as the pioneer, leader and builder of modern music. His playing and teaching styles cover a wide range, including jazz & fusion, rock, pop, blues, etc. He is not only a Rock percussion expert, but also was a teacher with rich teaching experience. He once taught in Beijing Contemporary Music Academy and Beijing YueRen Music School. In 2003, he published and lectured Guan Fei Jazz Drum Advanced Course.
He also has been active in the stage for many years and has cooperated with many famous domestic singers such as Wang Feng, Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Alec Su, Tianxiao Xie, Xiaoli Wan, Tiao Ma, Lei Zhao, Wei Xu, Dick and Cowboy, Zhen Tian, Yuxin Xie, Fangyuan Cheng, Jun Zhen, Sedar Chin and Ye Pei etc. from 1994 till now around of nationwide of China.
Mr. Guan Fei has been a drummer in many bands, like Shouren Band, The Fly, Acupoint Band, Again, Baojiajie No. 43, Big-Easy, The Rhythm Dogs, Ding Ni Jazz Trio Band, Kong Hongwei Jazz Quintet Band, SiQinGeRiLe Band, Chinese Film Orchestra Electroacoustic Band, QinYong Band, ShenZhou Band and WangFeng Band. He do the shows and clinic tours in many places, like Hong Kong, Taipei, Melbourne, Sydney, Beijing Bird-Nest, Shanghai, ZhangBei, Munich, Meizhou etc. 
He appeared in different music Festivals many times, like Kuala Lumpur International Music Festival, Malaysia, Tokyo Asia Music Market, Beijing Nine-Gates Music Festival, Shanghai Music Festival, Shanghai JZ Festival, ZhangBei Music Festival, many local famous Music Festival etc.