Gospel Afrobeats Pop Czech Republic

Jay Morgan (Afro Jay)

With over 15 years of not just drumming but musical experience, Jay has been able to transcend in the drumming community not just in his home country Nigeria but Europe. 
He has toured and played with A-List artists in the music industry from different genres, also an amazing multi-instrumentalist whose versatility span from Percussion, woodwinds, strings etc. 

With a HND degree Creative Media Production, Diploma In Music and Bachelors in Media and Communications, Jay has been able to associate himself with different people and learn a form of drumming that allows him be the bridge musically with The Nigerian Afrobeats culture and other cultures musically in the world. 

Jay also is endorsed by Paiste Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Promark Drumsticks, Empire Ears, SE Electronics and now we are glad to have him in the SONOR family. 


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