Spain Rock

Laurent Castagnet

At the age of five, I received a gift that marked my life definitively: a wonderful toy drum!! It opened a door to a world full of nuances and fantasies in my mind but it took eight more years to move this dream into an active passion. With 13 years old, I entered the Conservatory to study classical percussion and at same time, I formed my first rock band with friends from the school. When I was fifteen, I left the academical studies in order to dedicate my life to the Conservatory exclusively and to study drum-set by myself.

Once I completed my training as a drum-player, I left the world of classical music and focused completely on drum-set and modern and improvised music. That led me to play with famous French pop artists such as Daniel Guichard and Jean Pierre Mader.

In 1989, my career and my life took a huge leap, I moved to Spain to start my first international job with Miguel Ríos, with whom I was for two years. There I met musicians such as Candy Caramelo, Thierry Farrugia, John Parson, Javier Monforte and Enrique Mateu. With Enrique, I've joined Paco Trinidad's team. Then began a time of work of recordings and more and memorable tours as with Rosario Flores, Raimundo Amador and Manolo Tena.

In 1993, exhausted, I moved to Zaragoza where I began to play and record with the group "Los Especialistas". At the same time, I've had the opportunity to work with emerging Aragonese artists such as Amaral, Kase.O, Mission Hispana and renowned artists as José Antonio Labordeta and Ángel Petisme.

After a few years "Los Especialistas" split up and I with some of its members I formed my own project called "Couscous Party". This ephemeral band gave way to another definitive movement for me, my return to the top of Spanish Rock with Loquillo.

I became a member of the last formation of "Los Trogloditas" group till its dissolution in 2007 and have been the drummer "El Loco" since then - for more than ten years including seven albums, eleven tours and a bright future ahead. I am dedicating myself exclusively to work with him with the exception of a close collaboration with the Aragonese folk band "Bandada Marina".


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