Poland Jazz Rock

Maciek Golyzniak

Maciek is one of the most sought after drummers in Poland. His groove-oriented, focus on his trademark sound style of playing makes him a recognizable and respectable drummer in many musical genres. As a renowned studio and live player he built his reputation at the side of Monika Brodka, talented and charistmatic alternative superstar, who he travelled the world with and recorded the album Granda, dubbed the best Polish album in 25 years. His conceptual, linear and sound-oriented style of drumming with alternative pop band Sorry Boys earned him a great reputation.

In 2016, Maciek recorded a special album with his old mates, Mariusz Duda and Maciej Meller (of Riverside), called "Breaking Habits". The album and the band itself, called by the press The Super Group, were voted the best debut of 2016. Maciek himself, repeatedly nominated for different categories and prizes, won the accolade of Drumming Personality of 2016 awarded by Magazyn Perkusista. His sold-out, motivational drum workshop tour by Sonor, was one of the most important events in Poland in 2017 and #trzebacwiczyc (#gottapractice) hashtag has been earning him a growing popularity.

Currently he supports Natalia Nykiel, a young pop star sensation on her Total Tour. Maciek uses our Vintage Series Drums in "Vintage Pearl".


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