Ireland Pop Rock

Micheál Quinn

Micheál Quinn, from Dublin, Ireland, is a drummer known for his work with Irish artist Dermot Kennedy, Irish math rock legends, Enemies, and Irish experimental madmen, Meltybrains?. Dermot Kennedy's status as one of the most prominent Irish musicians on the global stage is a testament to Micheál's rhythmic prowess. Together, they've graced the most iconic stages worldwide, from Madison Square Garden to the awe-inspiring Red Rocks, the O2 in London, and countless intimate club shows, colossal arenas, stadiums, theatres, as well as festivals stages all over the world. 

Micheal has studied at Berklee College of Music, and is a student of Dave Elitch. Studying the craft and how to be able to deliver his ideas and voice with the instrument has been a huge part of his drumming journey. It is very important to Micheál to be a student, and he spends much of his time finding new and exciting ways to approach drumming, and life!

Beyond the drum kit, Micheál is a versatile musician, excelling as a multi-instrumental music producer and visual artist. His drumming is a creative journey, marked by spontaneity and a thirst for excitement. His influences include his idol, the late great Taylor Hawkins, as well as legends like John Bonham, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, Robert Sput Searight, Buddy Rich, Aaron Spears, and many more. These icons have not only influenced him but also ignited the fire of inspiration within him.

Micheál is a blend of dedication, discipline, and a touch of recklessness, a combination that fuels his artistry. His affiliation with the Sonor drums family is a source of pride. His beats resonate with audiences across the globe, making him a rhythmic force to be reckoned with, embodying the heartbeat of the music he is playing, and standing as a testament to the power of rhythm. 

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