“Drumming is like a part of my body. It represents different sides: heavy, soft, and everything in between.”

Pop Rock Taiwan


A history spanning over 20 years, 9 album releases, touring all over the world: Mayday. Mayday has made a huge impact in Asia. They’ve won a lot of awards in their career, including the Golden Melody Award for Best Band in 2001, 2004, 2009 and 2012, marking a new record in the history of the award.

Ming joined Mayday as their drummer in 1999. Besides, he was also involved in the group’s songwriting. Ming's foundation as the band’s drummer creates a strong unit within the group, making them also a beloved live act. Even after over 20 years of Mayday and Ming performing and making music, there is no stopping, and they are still looking for new ways and diversity in their music.

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