Switzerland Jazz Rock

Noby Lehmann

Noby Lehmann (born 1957) lives and works in the Olten/Solothurn region in Switzerland. In 1988 he founded the Agostini Drum School in Olten, the Swiss branch of the Centre Agostini Paris, France.

For more than 30 years, the drummer and percussionist Noby Lehmann has been touring successfully through national and international concert halls in various musical compositions. He has repeatedly ventured to explore musical boundaries with unconventional formations.

He proves his experimental spirit and compositional strength in various projects. For example with the drum and percussion trio "RhythmTalk", the jazz fusion band "Pulse", in the trio "Trisma" with violin / drums and percussion / keyboard or with music and dance performances with drum ensembles.

His sound images are captivating syntheses of different styles. Instruments and life rhythms from different continents are characteristic. Pulsating grooves - fusions of old cultural assets with compositions and improvisations of today - let unique world sound emerge.

Noby Lehmann got it all when he was 10 years old, when he experienced the sound of a drum kit for the first time. After that he spent every free minute with his cousin's drums before he got his own drum set. As an autodidact Noby Lehmann played in diverse rock and jazz rock bands and took his first lessons with Prof. Denis Kuhn. This was followed by studies at the Jazz School in Bern and further studies at the Music Academy for Drums Centre Agostini in Paris. In his career he has received various awards, including the Cultural Prize for Music of the Canton of Solothurn in 2001.

Professionally, he runs the Agostini Drum School in Olten for more than 30 years. Ten trained Drum & Percussion teachers awaken the desire for rhythm in children and young people on behalf of the music schools of the region. Every year, three to four students complete their four-year studies in Drum & Percussion at the school, with final examinations at the Dante Agostini School in Paris (instrumental technique) and in Olten (methodology & didactics). In the course of his long teaching career, he has packed his experience in music teaching into five new teaching books. These enrich the lessons for beginners and advanced students in many music schools all over Europe. In addition, every two years in July, the Agostini Drum School in Olten holds a one-week Agostini Alpine Drum Workshop in the middle of the most beautiful Alpine world. Noby Lehmann is also the official examination expert for percussion and drum pedagogy at the Centre Agostini Paris in Paris.

www.rhythmtalk.ch (in German language)