Pop Taiwan

Richard Lin

Born and raised in Ilan, Richard (Che Chien Lin) began playing percussion in the Symphonic Band and started learning jazz drumming at a very young age, which made him a well-trained musician and helped him build his own style for the future.

In 2017, after playing numerous session cases and continuously learning for over 15 years, Richard (CHE CHIEN Lin) decided to turn this part-time endeavor into a professional career. He formed a band called "ACCUSEFIVE" with male lead singer Yun An and female lead singer Inu Qing. In 2018, their first EP, "Miss You Day and Night (披星戴月的想你)," led to mainstream market success. Up until 2023, the band has released one EP and three albums, including many hit songs, and has garnered a large following and fame in Asia.

Their EP, 迷霧之子 "Son of Mist," and albums 我肯定在幾百年前就說過愛你 "SOMEWHERE IN TIME, I LOVE YOU," 運氣來得若有似無 "EASY COME, EASY GO," and 帶你飛 "IN THE CLOUDS" have been performed in nearly 60 concerts throughout Asia. Richard (CHE CHIEN Lin) and his band were nominated Best New Artist at the 9th Golden Sound Awards in 2018 and Best Asian Artist (Chinese) at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2021.

Over the past 20 years, Richard (CHE CHIEN Lin) has performed in various cities, honing his craft and gaining experience. He has participated in festivals such as the Emergence Festival, Spring Wave Festival, Tainan General Roaring, Drifters Festival, Pingtung Three Day Festival, New North Christmas City, Taoyuan Iron Rose Festival, and more.

Even after achieving so much success in the market, you can still find Richard (CHE CHIEN Lin) practicing and preparing extensively behind the stage. He spends hours and hours striving to achieve a better sound and create new setups for his performances. We believe Richard is one of the most humble and passionate drummers in Taiwan and are very honored to have him as part of the Sonor family.

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