Germany Funk Latin Jazz

Rudi Marhold

Born in Lünen, Westphalia/Germany, Rudi was infected by music and drumming in particular at a very early stage. He studied classic drums in Münster and has taken lessons from a number of international renowned players: Roy Burns (Big Band), Joe Porcaro (Studio), Gary Chaffee (allround), Peter Erskine (Jazz), Joey Heredia (Latin, Funk) und Changito (Afro-Cuban).

He has recorded more than 140 albums throughout his career and has worked with: Herb Geller, Volker Kriegel, Joscho Stephan, Silvia Droste, Thomas Kargermann, Frank Chastenier, Heiner Wiberny, Romy Cameron, Stefan Bauer, Matt Walsh, Andreas Koeper, Erke Eroc, Michael Finthammer, Matt Walsh, Jürgen Lesker, Phillip Boa, Axel Zinowsky, Peter Weniger, Alex Morsey, Stefan Schulze, Sylvia Gonzales-Bolivar, Martin Engelien, Tato Gomez, Stuart Grimshaw, Tommy Emmanuel, Olivia Molina, Martin Scheer, Glen Turner, Nikola Materne, Rüdiger Baldauf. (in German language)