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Steve Pruitt

"Sonor has been the pinnacle of the drumming industry for almost 150 years! The incredible sound and quality of Sonor drums is quite simply the sound that I hear."

Music became the central focus of Steve Pruitt’s life at an early age. After beating on everything in sight, his Dad bought him a drum-set. This only fueled the already ignited passion for music and thus hours and hours of practicing and playing ensued. 

In 2000, Steve participated in the Guitar Center Drum Off (which has over 10,000 contestants) and made it to the finals. He lived in Oklahoma City up until 2002, when he decided to pack up his bags and move to Denton, TX to attend the University of North Texas. There he received the Shelley Manne Scholarship and studied under the tutelage of Ed Soph. He also began to play heavily in the Dallas/Fort Worth scene, as well as go on the road all over the country playing everything from Jazz, Rock, Hiphop, Fusion, R&B, and Big Band. 

Steve has performed and/or recorded with some of the finest musicians in the world including: Cornell Dupree, Bobby Sparks, Eddie Gomez,Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Guthrie Govan, Mark Lettieri, Snarky Puppy, Youngjoo Song, Champian Fulton, Yotam Silberstein, Mike Moreno, Antonio Hart, and many others…

As an educator Steve has presented many clinics all over the world at Universities such as: University of Tennessee, University of Tennesee Tech, University of Texas at Tyler, University of Northern Illinois, and was a faculty member at the University of North Texas. 


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