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Maxime Zampieri


Maxime Zampieri was born in 1977 in the North of France. After graduating of the drum school ADRIEM in 1994, Maxime joined the jazz department of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF BRUSSELS where he picks up the 1st. In 1996, he was nominated prize-winner by the jury of the DRUMMERS MEETING in Koblenz (Germany). The jury, who chose the best young european drummers, included famed drummers/percussionsts Sheila.E, Jim Chapin, Mike Shapiro, John jr Robinson, N’gudu-Léon Chancler, Rod Morgenstein, Danny Gottlieb as well as Terry Line Carrington.

In 1997, Maxime lead Master Classes for the prestigious drum company SONOR. He participated at the Batnights (Drum event) and compilation in 1997 and 1998 that included the 10 best European drummers. Thanks to his singular style, he was discovered by French saxophonist Julien LOURAU who hires him for an international tour and the recording of his album "Gambit" in 2000. Another big moment of its career came with the MAGIC MALIK ORCHESTRA (Malik Mezzadri, flute player and leader of the group), touring all over the world. Maxime Zampieri has played at the Festivals of Montreux, Nice, Marciac, Glasgow, London, Montreal, Sarajevo, The Hague, Chicago, New York, Louisianne, Dublin, Rome, Buenos Aires, Milan, Peking, Tokyo. 

In 2009, he met Mathieu Boogaerts and played on his « I love you » tour. In 2010, he joined YODELICE, got a « Victoire de la musique » continued tours through french music Festival and recorded Live. In 2014, he took part in BOJAN Z’s new project « Modern Times », played in « Victoire du Jazz » with Magic Malik and joined Yom’s « Back to the Klezmer ».

Other collaborations include Steve COLEMAN, Bobby Watson, Steve Lehman, Ibrahim Maalouf, Piers Faccini, Mathieu Boogaerts, Sixun...
Since 2015 Maxime still very busy on the French scene he can be find alongside Anne Sila, Cornelius Claudio Kreusch, Liza Simone, Thomas Dutronc, M&t@l, The AfroRockerz, Chlorine Free, Sylvain Cathala, Hervé Samb, Airelle Besson, Yom and Baby Doll, Wakatt, MCK Projekt / Steve Lehman, Angélique Kidjo, and many more.

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