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David Bowen

Dale Watson

David Paul Bowen was born in 1976 in Oklahoma City to a bass player father and a piano player mother. So, he came into music by birth. David determined his career path of drumming after witnessing the drum battle between Buddy Rich and Animal on The Muppet Show in 1979.

Later in 1979, 3 year old David happened across a pair of sticks mistakenly left in his living room by the famous Carmine Appice. He slyly hid them from his parents beneath his mattress. At age 5, David's parents finally grew wary of his incessant banging on everything within reach, from pots and pans to furniture. So they decided to place him in drum lessons covering the basic fundamentals of drumming. They wanted to give him a better outlet for his obviously budding talent. By age 11, David Bowen had already begun performing in various bands. Among others he played with the Bessie Masopust and the Jerry Kaplan Polka Bands.

Over the next several years, David continued his lessons.Therefore he also began to study jazz drumming under the keen eyes of his junior high and high school band directors, Mrs. Jenny Rucker and Mr. Wayne Coon, respectively. Devoting his studies to only jazz at this time, David honed his skills playing every gig he could, from dance bands to cover bands to dinner sets with jazz trios.

At age 18, armed with prodigious versatility, playing dexterity and polished reading skills, David set out to pursue higher education. Though he was recruited to several schools including the University of North Texas and Wichita State University, David decided to honor his Oklahoman roots and accepted a full scholarship to the University of Cental Oklahoma. UCO provided him the oportunity to study with some of the region's best educators and musicians. Among others these were Dr. Kent Kidwell, Mr. Lee Rucker, Ms. K. Dean Walker and Mr. Mike Walker. During his freshman year, David took a one semester sabbatical to study in Los Angeles with Tonight Show drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith.

When he wasn't devoting his attention to UCO's jazz, concert and marching bands, David co-led and played with fellow students in a jazz group named Inside Outfluence. Both David and the group as a whole performed at various jazz festivals including the Wichita Jazz Festival, the Edmond Jazz Festival and Norman Oklahoma's Jazz in June, as well as numerous summer workshops with such artists as Phil Woods, Slide Hampton and Dave Pietro.

Once his time ended at UCO, David went on to freelance throughout Oklahoma and Texas with various jazz groups. He was then recruited to New York by saxophonist Peter Yellin to attend Long Island University in Brooklyn. While in New York, David played with many legends and studied with various artists such as Carl Allen, Ralph Peterson and Jimmy Heath.

David eventually dropped out of LIU to pursue music education via clubs and the street scene. But he ultimately grew exhausted and financially depleted. So, he obtained a gig playing in the Carnival Cruise Lines show band with fellow UCO alum Zac Lee for 18 months. David then decided to return to Oklahoma to follow up on a few personal endeavors, which led him to working in retail and teaching at Mars Music.

When the doors closed at Mars, David (having no idea what to do) was called by fellow musicians and long-time friends Cross Canadian Ragweed to help out a friend of theirs in need of a drummer, Bleu Edmondson. David toured with the Bleu Edmondson Band for the next 3 1/2 years. They played shows for up to 100,000 screaming country and alternative country fans. After recording "One Voice - the Live Album" (over 10,000 copies sold) and "Lost Boy" with the BEB, David moved on to a world-wide tour with Stoney LaRue and the Arsenals.

David left the Arsenals in December of 2007 and poured his heart and soul into 2 solo projects, The David Bowen Focus ("New Paths Await You" coming soon...) and DB345. It was a traditional jazz configuration consisting of various combinations of piano, guitar, bass, drums and horns..

In May of 2008, David was offered the heralded seat as drummer for Austin country legend Dale Watson. Dale Watson and his Lonestars tour rigorously, playing up to 7 nights per week, sometimes in a different state every night. They frequent some of the most notable venues and festivals in the world. These include the Grand Ole Opry, the Orpheum Theater, Bumbershoot, Wheatland Music Fest, Ink and Iron Fest, and others. Over the next few months, expect to see the group playing their usual dates at The Broken Spoke, The Belmont, Continental Club, Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon, as well as at the Craig Tara Holiday Centre in Ayr, Scotland, at Rick's 13th International Tattoo Convention at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin, at the Black Tie and Boots inaugural ball in Maryland, and on the Kevin Richards Country Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines (to name a few).

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