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Kris Gustofson


"Drumming" is a very spiritual experience. Combining rhythms, syncopations, patterns and many other textures from your being to create a total Sound. That’s why I play SONOR.” 

- Kris Gustofson -

Kris Gustofson is a drummer in the Rock/Metal/Jazz scene who has toured nationally and internationally, Born in Las Vegas Nevada, and introduced to drumming by his father Gus Gustofson who was a professional Jazz drummer and worked for Woody Herman, Brew Moore, Stan Getz, Mary Kay Trio and many others.          Kris, at age 6 began studying drumming in school learning how to read music, rudiments and playing in the school bands and on occasion when his mom allowed, go with his dad to watch him play drums at many places in San Francisco . "This was without a doubt the best training a kid could have". He knew what he wanted to do at a young age.

After High School He began studying with Bill Nawrocki an expert sight reader and drummer and learned to read charts. He began playing many different styles of music, Jazz, Rock, Metal, New Wave, Punk.  Over the years he developed an innovative, creative way of playing that combines many different types of music with a vast versatility that is evident on the recordings on which he has played.

Kris has recorded/toured with many different artists such as, Eddie St James, Billy King, Jeff Jones, Jon Dunmore, Phil Sausson, Mike Varney, Bill Cutler, Mike Onesco, Frank Hannon, Troy Lucketta, Dennis Kolarik, Dito Godwin, Mark Needham, Bruce Kaplan, Steve Fontano, Tim Gennert, Brodie Stewart, Steve Robello. Jazz, Don Prell, Jon Handy, Jim Grantham, Al Molina, Vernon Alley, Chuck Travis, Max Borjon, And many others.

Facebook: kris.gustofson