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Nir Z

Antigone Rising

Joss Stone

Ray Wilson

John Mayer


Nir Z is a talented session drummer, who originally came from Isreal. Since 1992 he lives in New York, USA. 

The first great highlight in his career was the collaboration with Genesis in 1997. After Phil Collins left the band, Nir Z recorded the drum sound for the album Calling All Stations and played the tour with Genesis a year later.

During the time with Gensis Nir met Ray Wilson, with whom he later founded the band Cut. 1999 they released their album Millionairhead. 

2001 Nir played for John Mayer´s album Room for Squares. Later he also performed and recorded with musicians like Jason Mraz, Joss Stone and Alana Davis.

In 2006 he recorded the album Endangered Species with the band Flaw as well as the album Carry On together with Chris Cornell. Furthermore Nir toured with Billy Squier 2006.

If you would like to find out more about Nir Z and his work, you can visit and follow him on facebook.