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Christoph Blattner


Christoph Blattner was born on November 4th, 1964 in Küttigen, Switzerland.
At the age of 12 he gathered his first experience with drumsticks playing the marching drum at a local tambours club. It then was the loud rock music coming out of his older brothers bedroom and the rhythmic energy he felt whilst listening to it resulting in a growing fascination for drums. Soon he started playing the drum set as an autodidact. Growing up in the seventies/eighties, bands like The Clash, Joe Jackson, The Police, The Specials, The Selecters, The Beat and many others formed the main influence for his playing. During that time Christoph expanded on his first band experiences as he started to play in various local bands, followed by his first
drum lessons taught by his good friend Noby Lehmann.

In the year of 1988 he decided to start his musical and pedagogical studies at the Ecole de Battrie Dante Agostini in Paris, France from which he later graduated. The following years he mostly spent his time touring trough Switzerland and Europe with Swiss rock band VAN DAN, followed by the founding of the experimental drumming trio RHYTHM TALK with Sonor Artist Noby Lehmann and Ruedi Maurer.
At this time he came across SONOR whose gear he’d enjoyed playing for quite some time and soon after became their endorser.

By getting to know Faith Jensen-Ismay, a US-American professional dance choreographer, he and his band RHYTHM TALK started a collaborative project with Jensen-Ismays Mojalet Dance Collective, based in San Diego, California. The project resulted in a long-term
relationship, enabling various tours, concerts and workshops throughout Switzerland and the US.

Besides his career as a performing artist, Christoph also followed his pedagogical interest in music. Alongside Noby Lehmann he is co-founder of the Dante Agostini Drumschool Switzerland, based in Olten, SO, where he also works as a teacher.

Christoph still engages in several projects and bands of different genres, as he enjoys all different colours of music.