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Fun in movement, fun in discovery, fun in the group and of course fun in making music together. Carl Orff and also SONOR were always concerned that children and music beginners should be able to develop their personality and creativity. This works best when they have fun approaching the instruments - and thus the music - in a playful, practical way. With SONOR Orff, we give everyone the chance to find an intuitive and elementary approach to rhythm and music, to create inclusion and to fully develop their creative potential

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The glockenspiel, known in Europe since the 17th century, owes its name to the fact that originally small bells were struck with metal bars. Nowadays, the metal sound bars arranged like a keyboard, are played with two mallets. 


At SONOR, we use different materials for the sound bars of our xylophones. Depending on the series, these are either natural woods, fiberglass or the fiberglass material Palisono, which was specially developed by us and corresponds to the sound character of rosewood. 


The art with metallophones is to produce metal sound bars in such a way that sound quality, timbre, sound duration and balanced volume extend consistently over several octaves. 

Chime Bars

SONOR's chime bars are available with both metal and wooden sound bars. Just like xylophones or metallophones, they consist of a resonance box and a sound bar with a clearly defined single tone.

All percussion

Small percussion instruments form the second important group of instruments in the Orff arsenal, alongside the melodic xylophones, glockenspiels and chime bars.


Every pot has its lid – every percussion instrument its mallet. Whether it is for optimal sound production or also for species-appropriate treatment of the instrument: all our percussion instruments have specific mallets with which an ideal sound result can be achieved.

FSC® Certification

As a company with its headquarters in Bad Berleburg-Aue, Germany, we take our responsibility to our children and the upcoming generations very seriously. For this reason, it is important to us not only to produce instruments with excellent sound, but also to work according to our ecological and social responsibilities.

So please look out for our FSC®-certified products! 

Series Overview

Our Orff series


Meisterklasse is SONOR‘s largest range of instruments within the program for music education, therapy, leisure and family.


Palisono is a glass fibre material specially developed by SONOR.


The SONOR Orff SMART Series embraces market-leading innovations in sound, functionality, and design.


The primary program for elemental music education comprises glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones, chime bars, timpani and small percussion instruments. 

Global Beat

Global Beat consists of 2 glockenspiels, 6 xylophones and 3 metallophones. A sound and quality comparison with instruments of other manuafactures in a similar category shows the clear advantage of Global Beat instruments.

Toy Sound

Of course, SONOR also offers various accessories and bags for the instruments.

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