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Small percussion instruments form the second important group of instruments in the Orff arsenal, alongside the melodic xylophones, glockenspiels and chime bars. They include timpani, large and small drums, frame drums and tambourines, jingle rings, wood block drums, rattles, maracas, cymbals, triangles, finger cymbals and castagnettes as well as noise-makers and sound effect instruments.

These instruments are considered to be particularly suitable for learning the principles of music, since they are so easy to play and in some cases only produce a single tone, noise or effect. Even the youngest and most inexperienced players are able to make sounds and play rhythms independently and without following a score. They are able to accompany their own physical movements instrumentally and compose their music themselves.

The body as an instrument

In addition to small percussion instruments, you can of course use your own body as an instrument. It is always with us and can be employed in a variety of ways. Thanks to the way the body is constructed, different sounds can be made with various parts of it or using its surfaces. Many different sounds can be produced using your body. You can clap your hands, slap your legs, click your tongue, snap your fingers, and stamp your feet. These are just some of the ideas for producing different sounds using your body. Rhythms produced with the body will be perceived by others in a very conscious, intense manner. In this manner, one can foster integrated perception and creativity in a child, and their search for ways of making sounds becomes a voyage of discovery around their own body.

Children can be prepared to play instruments by using their bodies as instruments, or by singing, or, indeed, by speaking rhythmic syllables. It makes it even easier to introduce them to learning new songs and pieces of music.

Meisterklasse Rotary Timpani

The principle of the rotary kettledrum for orchestral use, known since 1821, has been combined in the SONOR rotary timpani with a tried-and-tested system of central tuning. The technical advantage of the SONOR timpani lies in the unimpeded transfer of vibration from the head to the shell. The construction of the SONOR rotary timpani is based on over 140 years‘ experience.

Meisterklasse Screw Adjustment Timpani

The easiest and most traditional type of timpani tuning mechanism is the tension screw syste By turning 5 to 8 tension screws (depending on the diameter of the timpani) to the right, the head is tightened and the pitch increased. If the tension screws are turned to the left, the head is loosened and the pitch becomes lower

Primary Screw Adjustment Timpani

These timpani can be used as timbales or tom toms. The unique shape of the tension hoops and the durable plastic heads allow for dynamic playing. These heads are also used for drum sets. Compared with natural heads a plastic head is resistant against humidity thus ensuring perfect pitch. Whether dry or humid weather – Primary timpani always offer excellent sound.

Hand Drums

SONOR Hand Drums are made according to high quality standards in a wide variety of designs and dimensions.
Hand Drums are available either with select natural skins or plastic heads for different sound characters and playing
techniques. Natural skins offer a warmer tone, plastic heads sound dryer and react less sensitive to temperature changes.


SONOR Tambourines come in multiple different sizes and shapes, with or without a head, made from different materials. They are very versatile and popular instruments that can be played in patterns or rhythms and as a sound effect. Different sizes, number of jingles and the option of having a natural or plastic drum head give each tambourine in SONOR’s range its unique voice.

Effect Percussion

Effect Percussion instruments are great for adding interesting and unique sound colours to an ensemble. Some instruments like guiros or cabasas provide rhythmic support while others accent passages within the music for interesting textures.


Cowbells are deeply rooted in traditional Latin American music and have become very popular in many styles. SONOR’s cowbells are available in multiple variations, sizes and finishes with different sounds and pitches. Most of them include a clamp for easy mounting on a percussion rack or on the drum set.

Instruments with Jingles

Jingles offer a crystalline sound and can be played rhythmically or for accents. Multiple jingles are mounted to a handle for a broader sound and can easily be played by everyone.


In Orff, everyone is supposed to participate in having fun and making music. Triangles, cymbals and chimes only offer one sound just by striking the instrument and don’t require specific playing techniques. Therefore, everyone can use one of these instruments to participate in the joy of creating music together.


Maracas are among the best known percussion instruments and allow for many different ways of rhythmic accentuation and playing
styles. SONOR Maracas are available in wood, plastic or calabash giving a warmer or more defined, crisp sound...

Wood Percussion

Wood idiophones are a large group of instruments coming from different cultures. They are used for basic rhythm patterns or for complex challenging playing styles. Like the originals, SONOR wood percussion instrumentsare carefully handmade from select hardwoods. They have great sound quality and a cutting, powerful projection.

Latin Percussion

SONOR's range of Latin Percussion Instruments includes Bongos, Congas and Mini-Congas in different sizes and colours. Curved chrome plated rims provide a comfortable paying feel, whilst natural hide heads create warm and full tones.

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